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cheap ugg boots birmingham

Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg boots birmingham store, you will find the one you like best . The next step I do is set I do is put in the body text. The more text your body has the better. Currently you should have more then 250 words and less then 1200 words. (1000 being the optimum). Now you must insert your keyword phrases. If your keyword phrase is gramically incorrect, try to put the words for each phrase close together. Google uses proximity in determine how important your webpage is. Your keywords should appear a lot in the beginning. A little in the middle of the document, then more at the end. You should strive for a 3% density ratio, or each keyword to appear one time out of every 33 words. Besides the title, the header gives a lot of weight in your Google rankings. The HTML tag gives the greatest pull. Some savvy web programs use CSS files to replace the standard header font with something more pleasing to their site. Use a separate header for each keyword phrase if dirt cheap ugg boots possible. Currently if you have your uk ugg boots on sale cheap ugg boots dillards cheap keyword phrase in more than three header tags, Google will begin to downgrade your document. There should be cheap ugg genuine boots one link on your webpage for each keyword phrase. Each link needs to have the same words appear in it, which appear in your keyword phrase. Sometime this is not possible to do. To boost up your page rankings even more try making some of your keywords bold faced or italic. I would recommend making each keyword bold or italic once. If you do it to many times, you run the risk of getting classified as a spammer.
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