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Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg boots bailey button store, you will find the one you like best . First thing I did was to remove the laptop casing. And was left with an LCD monitor and mainboard with the keyboard attached. It wouldn't boot without the cheap childrens ugg boots sale keyboard. otherwise i could just have connected the circuit board from a usb keyboard to the usb cheap ugg knock off boots port. Once I found a frame that matched the dimensions of the lcd cheap ugg ascot slippers somewhat, i cheap ugg classic short grey cut it to size and glued the lcd in place. To fasten the mainboard to the back of the frame, i put screws into the back of the frame and glued the mainboard to them. The farme runs Linux. I chose Slackware for this application, since it cheap hot pink ugg boots is light weight and no nonsense. It has really simple init scripts, so it was an easy task to make X start up with no window manager at boot, and then load a small program that recursively shows images from a directory. Here are some pictures of it. I really like cheap ugg tasman the picture where it boots linux, that's like art to me, a picture frame booting linux with a high resolution console : ) Using it to show some kind of network statistics, log tailing or cmatrix would also be neat.
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