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Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg boots yahoo store, you will find the one you like best . I hesitate to draw conclusions from the early voting in Florida and Ohio, other than to say that the election is close. These states are hopelessly confounded by the campaigns' mobilizing activities. But those activities inform us about the much discussed and litigated attempts by Republican state governments in these states to curtail cheap ugg classic mini boots early voting. In Florida, 1.13 million mail ballots have been cast with 1.49 million ballots yet to be returned. The volume of early voting will thus likely exceed 2008, when 1.85 million mail ballots were cast. Democrats trail Republicans 39.3 percent to 44.5 percent among mail ballots. At first blush, this is good news for Romney, but Florida Republicans usually win the mail ballots by much wider margin, by 12 percentage points or higher, and Democrats make up ground in in person early voting. The cheap ugg gloves sale cheap new ugg boots Obama campaign is encouraging their supporters to cheap ugg cheap ugg slippers from china mens slippers vote during the mail ballot period either by mail or in person at election offices, what is called a "counter vote." We will have to see if the increased levels of voting offset the reduction in in person early voting, starting on Saturday, Oct. 16, but will now be unavailable the following weekend. While mail balloting levels are high, keep in mind that 2.66 million Floridians voted early in person in 2008, with more available days and hours.
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