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Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg women classic cardy boots store, you will find the one you like best . Republicans have improved their standing. During the entire early period in 2008, Democrats were 51.4 percent of early voters and Republicans were 30.1 percent. And at the same point in time prior to the election cheap ugg classic short boot in 2008, Democrats were 55.9 percent of early voters and Republicans were 27.2 percent. It is possible that in North Carolina or any state these changes are simply a rearranging of furniture as people vote at different times. But, with the polls showing a narrow Romney lead on average in a state that cheap youth ugg Obama won are ugg boots cheap in china by a razor thin margin of 0.3 cheap genuine ugg australia boots percentage points in 2008, the most reasonable conclusion is that the early voting confirms Romney has a small North Carolina lead. Unlike Iowa for Romney, there is more opportunity for Obama to turn things around. The early voting volume is much higher than 2008, with 210,909 more people voting at the relative same point in time. So, his current lead, although smaller than 2008, may be more meaningful to the election outcome. The party registration looks good for Romney with 36.1 percent registered Democrats voting to date and 39.0 percent Republicans. In comparison, in 2008, registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans 37.7 percent to 35.9 percent, when Obama won the state by 8.9 percentage points. The early vote thus points to a closer election than 2008, which corroborates the polling showing a close race. Florida and Ohio: The vote suppression dog that didn't bark?
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