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Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg boots uk online store, you will find the one you like best . Good luck! I was amazed with both of my kids how quickly they changed following surgery. Both were walking and talking (or babbling) so much more. I am sure the ENT will do a hearing test. Given that your LO has had chronic infection for so long, his hearing is probably affected. Both cheap ugg boots from uk of my kids failed their hearing tests miserably. But 2 weeks post op, they passed with flying colors. You'll be very glad you did it! My son got tubes on 4/27, he was 11 months old. It was the best thing we could have ever done for him. Like your son he had chronic infections. The antibiotics caused alot of side effect and the fevers were going up over 104F. He also had very bad hearing loss, the fluid just never went away and a constant runny nose. that is all gone now. His balance is so much better, he was up on his feet within cheap ugg boots for sale australia 24hours. I can't say enough about how cheap ugg handbags suppliers much this has helped him. We are using silicone plugs in the tub, he can hear me while they are in but I don't know if music would be a problem. The anestesia scared me too, but I had nothing to worry about, he did great and when he woke up we were able to leave the cheap junior ugg boots hospital in less than an hour. He also didn''t need an IV. I know it's scary to have your child go through any procedure, but from my experience this one is totally worth it. GL. Ashlyn has been under anesthesia 9 times and she is only 20 months old. It is scary, but the hospitals have it done to a routine now of knowing exactly how to handle a preemie and anesthesia. Her first time under was to when she was 9 days old (she was only 36 weeks gestationally) and lasted for 2 hours. She was born without a airway in the back of her nose and they had to make it for her. She has also had ear tubes put in at 15 months. I'm not fond of anesthesia either (couldn't tell by my daughters medical records) but after 6 rounds of antibotics for ear infections, I agreed to tubes. Im so glad I did. She has not had a single ear infection since the tubes. Her doctor said I only had to worry about water getting in her ears for the first 3 days and after that dont worry about it at all. Ashlyn loves water too so Im glad I dont have to do anything extra when shes in the bath or swimming.
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