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Come with your friends to visit our ugg boots outlet cheap online net store, you will find the one you like best . 3. Then I asked about medications she might be taking for the symptoms. This information provided clues as to new chemistry (the meds) added to the ratio which had the situation from the norm of a body attempting to balance itself. 4. With this information as a foundation for the physical issues, I then asked her what was going on in her life around the time she started feeling ill. 5. Further questioning took me deeper into what the underlying emotions were that might have caused the first symptoms to occur. As the client talked she buy cheap ugg boots from china was instructed to start tapping on certain EFT acupressure points and kinesiology neurolymphatic points. And as she talked, cheap ugg josette as often occurs, more early symptoms were mentioned here that had not come up when the client first presented her case. 6. When it seemed that the underlying emotions had been revealed we started an N hanced EFT tapping process focusing on just the points that related most to the emotions cheap ugg fluff momma boots that she felt, and then finishing up with all of the regular short form EFT tapping points. In this process the client was instructed to feel her emotions and to tap on each point until she felt the emotional charge cheap ugg boots philippines shift, and then go to the next point and repeat the procedure.
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