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Come with your friends to visit our buy cheap ugg boots online china store, you will find the one you like best . However, we recently announced that the Boston Innovation Prize, which was seeking an energy efficient air conditioning technology, had been awarded. We are very fortunate in this instance, that ugg australia classic tall cheap the Seeker, the Barr Foundation, and the Solvers, John Barrie and Dr. Norbert Mller, have been willing to talk about the winning solution. Below is an overview of the solution, provided by Solver John Barrie. Innocentive recently hosted the Boston Innovation Prize which was developed by The Barr Foundation, a private family foundation committed to enhancing the quality of life for citizens in the Boston area, and the Cambridge Energy Alliance (CES), an organization that seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of Cambridge, Mass., in the next five years. The Boston Innovation Prize challenge was to improve efficiencies in space cooling and dehumidification and to breakthrough technologies and/or designs which will provide cooling and dehumidification with dramatically higher energy efficiency than cheap ugg kensington boots current room or window air conditioning units, while maintaining affordability. No small task. Large companies have been working on this for decades. To put this challenge in perspective, air conditioning technology has already doubled in efficiency since 1970. Our winning submission is an air conditioner that cheap ugg classic cardy boots uses water vapor as the refrigerant. When water vapor is used this way it is referred to as R 718. Water vapor can be up to 30% more efficient than traditional refrigerants, but very cheap ugg boots engineering the compressor is difficult and expensive. In Europe where there are high cheap ugg boots online co uk energy costs, water vapor is used as a refrigerant in large projects. The economics of making a smaller scale R 718 compressor have, in the past, proven to be prohibitive. Critical components are commonly made out of titanium.
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