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buy ugg boots cheap online

Come with your friends to visit our buy ugg boots cheap online store, you will find the one you like best . MarketLive released a report on how online retailers can maximize search engine effectiveness in terms of bringing traffic, cheap ugg channing boots conversion, customer loyalty, engagement and other critical variables. Called the MarketLive Performance Index, the report provides very interesting data on the cheap uggs boots for cheap wholesale ugg boots free shipping toddlers effectiveness of search engine results. Here are some of cheap ugg websites the data from the report: Search engine marketing significantly contributes to a retailer's sales, with traffic coming fom Google generating nearly 14% of an e retailer's revenue, through Yahoo, 3.25%, and through MSN, 1.87%. Among the top 3 search engines, MSN provides a greater percent of return (9.48%) and loyal customers (5.11%). Relative to percent of overall traffic, Google brings in 7.85% return customers and 3.69% loyal customers; while Yahoo provides 8.58% return cheap ugg wedges customers and 4.46% loyal customers. The study recommends considering MSN in search marketing as keywords competition is less strenous. I suspect though that a return customer (defined in the study as having made 2 3 purchases) and loyal customers (4+ purchases) would not use the search engines but directly go to ugg boots buy cheap ugg boots sale the merchant website.
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