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Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg boots and bags store, you will find the one you like best . It is impossible to use a laptop LCD screen without the laptop. I have much experience working on laptop rebuilds and such. The ribbon cable usually uses a protocol called panel link. This protocol is for transmitting the DIGITAL signals directly off of the video controller. In a full size computer, the video output is digital then it is converted to analog in the form of a VGA connector then back into digital for display on the monitor attached. In a laptop, since they know that you will never remove the screen, they skip the extra digital analog digital and simply use digital to digital. The only way to use a laptop display is with an analog to digital laptop LCD converter. These are josette ugg boots cheap over 100 dollars plus SH. It is not really worth it. A great resource for screens that will accept composite input is broken portable DVD players. Most of them have A/V IN so you can plug other devices into them, and it seems the least reliable part of the unit cheap authentic ugg boots online is the DVD player itself, so you end up with tons of perfectly good screens on eBay for way cheap. I cheap ugg boots size 4 guess the only problem is that you have to keep all of the circuitry of the player unit, which adds bulk to the frame. Great instructable, thanks for turning me on to the photo player cheap ugg boots in australia thingy, I have about 15 of the aforementioned dead portable DVD players in my garage. Good work, you earned your intstructables patch! :0) Most laptop LCD's use proprietary video cards (or hardware LCD driver) to drive the LCD itself, so it's usually not possible to use the laptop LCD without the laptop itself. You could repackage the entire thing like jongscx says, and then you wouldn't need the composite card reader (since you'd just use the laptop itself).
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