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cheap genuine ugg boots sale

Come with your friends to visit our cheap genuine ugg boots sale store, you will find the one you like best . Excellent customer service. The cheap ugg earmuffs sale best part, cheap fake ugg boots uk though, about Kontera is their customer service. For one, they provided us with a rep where we can send any questions or concerns that we have. The rep handling cheap ugg boots delivered to ireland our account regularly sends us with reports on how our campaigns are doing, what big name companies are advertising on our cheap new cheap ugg sandals ugg boots for sale sites, and general observations about how our sites are performing for the month. Even better, they provide tips on how to optimize our site to improve our revenues. That continuing dialogue with an ad rep is non existent with other ad networks. Easy interface and solid reporting features. Their reporting panel is easy to use, and allows you to drill down the earnings of each of your sites. You can also see the top 20 keywords used to serve ads, and the top 20 URLs that generated the most clicks. Reliable payment. Since we been with Kontera, payment has always been on time and accurate. No delays, no long waiting for the payment, and no discrepancies in the reporting panel and the payments received. They pay net 30 days (unlike some ad networks that pay net 90!), every first week of the month your balance meets or exceeds US$50. US publishers have the option to receive their payments via checks, electronic fund transfer or Paypal, while international publishers can choose wire transfers, check and Paypal. Filtering is needed to prevent the ads from showing ugg moccasins for sale cheap in the title of your article or post.
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