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cheap ugg boots sale uk co

Come with your friends to visit our cheap ugg boots sale uk co store, you will find the one you like best . We cheap ugg boots online china believed that Kontera and their inline text advertising would be a good complement to our other advertising programs while allowing us to diversify our ad sources. Using no additional ad spaces, Kontera's technology serves ads based on the words found in the content of your web pages. The keywords are hyperlinked and hovering on the link results in a small popup showing the ads. You get paid when users click on the ads. Kontera surpassed all our expectations cheap ugg knightsbridge for a number of reasons: Great complement to our other advertising monetization strategies. We were pleasantly surprised with cheap ugg shoes uk our first month revenue. While income was smaller than our direct advertising sales and main advertising network, Kontera outperformed all the secondary and remnant banner ad networks that we were using. It brought in 10x more revenue than all the banner ad networks combined in its first month. Willingness to work with publishers. What impressed me about cheap new ugg boots Kontera is their willingness to work with publishers. They respect the fact that you know best what is good for your audiences. For example, if you think cheap designer ugg boots that the number of ads served on the page (underlined text) is a little too much, cheap pink ugg boots you can request them to reduce the number of inline text advertisements in a page.
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